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Spring looked as if it had just arrived on 12th June in Paris. The air was warm and the avenues full of people flowed slowly just like the waters of the nearby Seine river. After a pleasant tour of the city we walked into the Hotel Opéra at 6 p.m.; ain the elegant ceremonial hall there was a gigantic table covered with wines, aperitifs and all kinds of delicious foods that only people on the other side of the Alps know how to prepare.

We were already aware, of course, that our Confluence table was one of the finalists and, to be perfectly honest, in the afternoon our confidence in our merits had made us share the hopeful certainty that we would win the award. Nevertheless, I must say that when we saw the self-assured Parisian architects and all those journalists scribbling away in their notebooks our certainties gave way to a bit of anxiety. The idea that 22,000 French professionals in the field had just voted the furniture that best represented 2014 and that, in the table section, the majority of them had chosen our Confluence table was, at that precise moment in time, a possibility that we didn’t even dare to consider. Luckily we met Xavier Lust. a few minutes after we arrived. Although he was our table’s designer, he seemed to have no doubts of this kind at all. We decided to trust his point of view and, between a Roquefort cheese puff and a foie gras canapé, we started to discuss the last technical details in view of launching the product on the market.

The prizegiving ceremony started around 7 p.m. The speaker went straight to the point: the categories were announced one after the other and the various winners walked onto the stage, smiling into the flashing lights of the cameras. The table category arrived at last. The excitement took our breath away and the seconds started to tick away at an excruciatingly slow pace. To the extent that, when the winner was announced at last and everyone around us started to clap in our direction, we had the magnificent feeling of having just been woken up from a dream to face an even more amazing reality.

What a perfect day! As the saying goes, it really is true that… Paris est toujours Paris

Aldo Pianca and Xavier Lust during the prizegiving ceremony for the Confluence table in Paris


ICFF 2014: Conquering the U.S.A.

An authentic party in New York City, on a rooftop in Chelsea, the most intellectual and creative neighbourhood of the Big Apple.

While sipping a Martini with a delightful musical background, the ferment and clamour of the city in anticipation of the ICCF could be felt up here.

Pianca presented the flagship models of its 2014 collection to the city that never sleeps in the atmosphere created by this charming backdrop.



The industrial-style location was softened by the sinuous curves of the Confluence table enhanced by the floodlights.

Its creator Xavier Lust, is a designer-artisan specialised in deforming metal to capture its essence.



The chairs designed by Odo Fioravanti were standing nearby, on a yellow platform.

The design of the Cora chair is based on the ambition of eclectically blending wood, steel and plastic. The outcome is an impressive, refined, youthfully elegant and compact chair.

On the other hand Intro notwithstanding its name inspired by the shape of the backrest that is reminiscent of the folded arms of an introvert person, looked totally at ease at the party. . Its bright colours and the mischievous simplicity of the eyelets gave it a fresh and perky beauty.

Odo must be really proud of his two girls!



Salone 2014: Special thanks

Another exhibition is over. After countless hectic days, it is now time to take a short break, to look back and enjoy the result of our hard work.

We all have been busy for weeks getting ready for the most important and prestigious event of the year: a window on the world, allowing us to introduce and promote our tradition, our brand, our projects, our continuous evolution.

We are thrilled for the successful response both from the trade and the press, we are proud of the designers who worked with us to make our dream come true one more time: quality design furniture at affordable prices.

It is also time for our special thanks: to our Product Development department, for the Spazioteca bookcase, the newest addition to the Pianca living modular collections.

Special thanks to all who gave their contribution to the success of Pianca at the 2014 Salone; to Robin and Patrizia, who planned our space; to Beppe for the sublime photo shooting published in our SALONE 2014 catalogue, to Patricia for the graphic design. Thanks to our Marketing Department, who worked night and day, to our installers who raced against the clock, to the catering service, to our sales force for their effort and commitment.

Our very special thanks to our customers; their loyalty and enthusiasm are the greatest source of inspiration for us all at Pianca.

We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to meeting you again soon …the perfect occasion is around the corner:

the grand opening of our brand new Pianca showroom in Gaiarine!

Spotted by PIANCA #2

In October the first colds arrive and autumn becomes an inevitable reality; but the weather is not an aspect we are interested in, what we have noticed instead, evaluating the past month, is how it has been hot for number of events, openings and renovations of shops in all the national territory.

pianca opening bliving parma


Let’s begin the report starting from the South, where we have seen the realization of two beautiful corners in the province of Naples

Rinascimento Mobili @ Via Famiglietti 80040 Volla, NA


Trifoglio Arredamenti @ via Pedecone 5 80070 Monte di Procida, NA

 Then a brief mention for the participation of our distributor ErreQ at the MOA CASA Fair taking place in Rome from the 27th of October to the 4th of November

An elegant stand (although the photos don’t do justice to the arrangement) for the last Fair event of National interest of the year.

Going north but remaining on the Tirrenic side we find Arredamenti Berrettieri @ via Alessandro Volta 15, 19020 Follo, SP

Dulcis in fundo, not very far away, in Emilia, Friday the 26th B-Living @ via Sicuri 29/A, 4312 Parma, PR, opened.

Enjoyable aperitif with friends in a really tidy arrangement, one of the best, a real “PIANCA d.o.c.g”, just like the famous ham of the city.

Seeing is believing? Well make your mouth water with the photos of the opening.

Greetings!  See you soon!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Quick Ship! Report from High Point Market.

A History of more than a hundred years and numbers of great importance (more than 80000 visitors every year and more than 3 million square meter dedicated to the exposition) make this event in North Carolina, the greatest and more significant fair Overseas, for what concerns the furniture sector.

It’s not to be considered as a window for previews on the market or research in the design, but more as an event with a strong commercial approach and directly addressed to buyers, architects and interior designers. A pragmatic fair.

For us it has been a crazy rush: after having the confirmation of our participation to the autumn edition of October we only had three weeks to plan the entire set up and make the goods arrive in the right place…

You can see the result in these quick clicks from iPad, what do you think about it? Many people ask themselves what would have happened having some more days to prepare it.

Last week we could finally breath and summing up, the result seems really promising:

Hearing the opinions of who was passing near the stand, the elegance, the style and the selection of the products exposed, have been greatly appreciated. 

A group of architects congratulated us for been able to furnish with balance, transforming a structurally basic and limited space in cosy and domestic environments.

600 brochures disappearing and hundreds of visitors, are more than encouraging numbers, for who needs a practical support.

What we were expecting from an event that had been voted so much at the b2b, were just these kind of palpable results.

The intention that brought us to participate was just as practical.

Launching the newborn programme of Stock and Quick Ship for the U.S.A and the entire American continent.

 quick ship program brochure 2012

What is it about? It’s very simple to explain: 

The system leans on a Stock placed in Florida; here it will be always possible to find a selection of products, reported in a dedicated brochure, that will be automatically ordered to the Italian house shop once sold; this process permits to deliver the goods in only 2 weeks.

The store is already working at full speed; so what could be a better promotion of the initiative than a fair on the American soil?

A special thank goes to the ones who participated to the excellent success of this week and to the realization of the Quick Ship Programme. 

To whom that may be interested we will renovate the appointment in April, with some considerations about the first 6 weeks of this American adventure.

Good News & Many Thanks

 pianca booth salone mobile 2012 thanks

Only a few days went by since the end of the Milan show and it feels like a million years…

The booth, the buzz, the energy of so many people. It all seems so far now!

Well, there might be an explanation: immediately after the exhibition we went back to our daily routine and to the Salone follow-up…

To be honest we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a couple of days off due to two major national holidays…..

So here we are, back to normal and ready to take you down memory lane with a dedicated photo set, on our brand new Flickr account.

For those of you who did not have a chance to see us in Milan, here is the perfect opportunity to watch what you missed

The positive feed-back we received from our visitors will encourage and inspire us to do more and to follow the trend we embraced in the past year.

We received countless praises for the booth: sophisticated and elegant both in its “bourgeois” concept and its “Parisian” set up. The new products conveyed the main characteristics of our collections: flexibility, personalization and adaptability to any environment.

The wide range and the countless new products presented numerose novità, were received with great enthusiasm which makes us feel happy and proud.

Dear Friends, partners, visitors, journalists,….. THANK YOU! We owe it ALL to YOU. Please keep following us


First day

music: “Solo Monk” the best of Thelonious Monk.

movie: “Signore e Signori” screenplay by Pietro Germi.

ok go!

Via gli imballaggi, parte il Salone!

pianca stand

La nostra squadra è in trasferta, pronti per la settimana più intensa dell’anno.

Abbiamo impacchettato, spedito e spacchettato il meglio di Pianca per esserci anche noi.

Quel che è fatto e fatto,

quello che non è ancora fatto ha ancora poche ore per essere portato a termine.

stand Pianca

Ma siamo pronti al debutto, come sempre, per mostrarvi le nostre GoodNews.

Ben assortiti come non mai, tra shopper nuove di zecca e tanti nuovi progetti che non vediamo l’ora di mostrarvi dal vivo.

pianca stand

 E’ ora di metter da parte stucco e scatoloni perché si va in scena Gente!