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Spotted by PIANCA #2

In October the first colds arrive and autumn becomes an inevitable reality; but the weather is not an aspect we are interested in, what we have noticed instead, evaluating the past month, is how it has been hot for number of events, openings and renovations of shops in all the national territory.   Let’s begin … Continue Reading

Ladies and Gentlemen: Quick Ship! Report from High Point Market.

A History of more than a hundred years and numbers of great importance (more than 80000 visitors every year and more than 3 million square meter dedicated to the exposition) make this event in North Carolina, the greatest and more significant fair Overseas, for what concerns the furniture sector. It’s not to be considered as … Continue Reading

Good News & Many Thanks

  Only a few days went by since the end of the Milan show and it feels like a million years… The booth, the buzz, the energy of so many people. It all seems so far now! Well, there might be an explanation: immediately after the exhibition we went back to our daily routine and … Continue Reading

First day

music: “Solo Monk” the best of Thelonious Monk. movie: “Signore e Signori” screenplay by Pietro Germi.

ok go!

Via gli imballaggi, parte il Salone! La nostra squadra è in trasferta, pronti per la settimana più intensa dell’anno. Abbiamo impacchettato, spedito e spacchettato il meglio di Pianca per esserci anche noi. Quel che è fatto e fatto, quello che non è ancora fatto ha ancora poche ore per essere portato a termine. Ma siamo … Continue Reading

Stand up! Pianca goes to the 2012 Milan Salone del Mobile

Who know Pianca, will recognise, in its events and fairs a constant research of balance between sophisticated style and real life. This research will be clear in the 2012 Milan Fair’s Stand, which show the two style perceptually.  Here we are, still on the way of real transparency for this 2012.   The stand  appears as … Continue Reading

Salone 2011 see it all

“Con le nuove collezioni abbiamo messo insieme il meglio dell’innovazione Pianca dando poi al cliente la possibilità di shakerare i vari elementi a piacimento, secondo i gusti e personalità, regalandogli il plusvalore di una soluzione unica e sua, che non replica forme e stili già visti sul mercato” così recitava Fabrizio immerso in quel della … Continue Reading