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2012 Salone News: Spazio Lineare Cupboards

Follow the right path.

spazio moduli lineare m161

There is no distortion of the space, but you can compose it and personalize it. The accuracy in the details and the rhythm of the volumes, made in glass, varnish or stone, realize definite structures. If the fastest way to reach the goal is a straight line, full speed ahead.

by Francesco Cremonese

spazio moduli lineare M162

Unlimited configuration features of Spazio system and  various creative solutions always keep a simple and clear design.

this minimalism approach finds a natural balance within the usage of  Blackline or Multicolor stone finishing:

coloured veins give rithm to the essential shapes ,irregularity of the material gives warmth and tactfullness to the flat surfaces,  changing each cupboard into a unique and unrepeated piece of design.

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