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Ladies and Gentlemen: Quick Ship! Report from High Point Market.

A History of more than a hundred years and numbers of great importance (more than 80000 visitors every year and more than 3 million square meter dedicated to the exposition) make this event in North Carolina, the greatest and more significant fair Overseas, for what concerns the furniture sector. It’s not to be considered as … Continue Reading

Novità Salone 2012: Letto Piumotto

Salone 2012 News: Minisoffio consolle

Vital as a breath. It blossoms like a flower, expanding and growing. Ideal for small and cozy environments and for airy and wide ambients, satisfying every space thanks to its five retractable extensions. Dynamic and versatile, it’s able to perform different functions. by Francesco Cremonese A fresh piece of news for this 2012, which has inspiration … Continue Reading

Salone 2012 News: Mood sofa

However you’re feeling. A guileless charm, reassuring as a warm, pretty face. The inward-sloping arms invite you to relax and sink into this softness. Dressed in two different styles, you can opt for a classic fabric covering or add a skirt and edging in matching or contrasting colours. See it on may in our new … Continue Reading

2012 Salone News: Spazio Lineare Cupboards

Follow the right path. There is no distortion of the space, but you can compose it and personalize it. The accuracy in the details and the rhythm of the volumes, made in glass, varnish or stone, realize definite structures. If the fastest way to reach the goal is a straight line, full speed ahead. by … Continue Reading

Salone 2012 News: Isotta armchair

Designed for happy endings.   The frame, in natural ash wood or lacquered in the colors of the collection, traces an essential, neutral silhouette. The style is defined by the seat, changing completely according to the version: austere and vintage in leather, fresh and youthful in padded fabric. For gala evenings and sunny days. by … Continue Reading

Salone 2012 News: Family Plus sofa

Contemporary sum. A restyle which begins from a stable point and directs the sight towards, continuing to surprise. With the little borders refined and the higher bounding arms it raises one’s aim, and reaches the maximum expression if covered with sophisticated leather, worthy of praise. by Francesco Cremonese We took a best seller and we … Continue Reading

Salone 2012 News: Aladino bed

E veniamo al primo appuntamento notturno tra le anteprime del Salone 2012: Aladino. Strofina un po’ il cuscino e chiedi al tuo letto ciò che desideri: chiedi morbidezza, e lui si offre rivestito in pelle domandi superfici ampie ed ecco un volant incorniciare il materasso,   vuoi essere accolto e la testiera a cuscino, anch’essa … Continue Reading